The Associate Provost for the Office of Teaching and Technology upholds and extends the mission of the University of Florida assisting academic units by providing access to quality education and flexible learning for working professionals, traditional, and non-traditional students wherever they are located.

Notification Process

The university is required [BOG Regulation 8.002 (8) b.] to file an annual report of all non-credit activity (for which there is a participant fee assessed). The reportable non-credit activity will include the delivery of any content with the following attributes:

  • Non-credit;
  • Revenue generating;
  • Associated directly or indirectly by the students with the university.

While "continuing education" can be defined in a variety of ways, UF defines it as educational activities that do not grant college credit/degree. Continuing education programs may only be funded through collected revenues or grants, and must be approved by the dean of their academic college. New non-credit programs can be registered by submitting a "New Non-Credit Program Registration" form. While a program is in the process of developing its business plan, Teaching and Technology will work with the program directors/coordinators to determine what services the unit needs to produce, market, and deliver the program.