Degree and certificate programs seeking self-funded status must undergo a multilevel review and approval process. Units seeking to establish a self-funded program for a degree or certificate that has not been previously approved should first proceed to the Developing A New Academic Program page and follow instructions for receiving the required academic approval. Once a program receives the necessary academic approvals, units should follow the required review process:

  1. Department/Unit Level Review
  2. College Level Review
  3. UF - Self-Funded Workgroup Review
    • Associate Provost/Provost signature
    • Financials and registrar set up
    • Official email from Associate Provost to begin program

Department/Unit Level Review

Faculty and or administrative staff should begin the process by accessing either the "Application for Establishing an Alternative Educational Delivery Platform/ Funding Model" or the "Application for Change in Educational Delivery Platform/ Funding Model" form. Once completed the form should be routed to the department chair for consideration by the department faculty and signature by the chair.

College Level Review

Once the proposal has been signed by the department chair it should then be referred to the appropriate college contact (typically an associate dean) for review and consideration by the college.

University Curriculum Council (UCC) or Graduate School's Graduate Council Approval (GSGC)

Approval for the program must be sought and gained from either the UCC (for undergraduate programs) or the Graduate School's Graduate Council (for graduate programs).

SACS Notification or Approval Prior to Implementation

The program works with the assistant provost and director of Academic Program Oversight for appropriate SACS notification or approval. This should take place during the UCC or GSGC approval process.

Provost Level Review and Approval

Once the proposal has been signed by the dean of the college it should then be sent to the Office of the Associate Provost for Teaching and Technology for review by the Distance Education Self-Funded Workgroup. The workgroup will make a recommendation to the provost who will provide a final review and approval. Self-supporting program status requires a single, approved rate (the base charge per student plus required fees, i.e. cost per credit hour) and such programs will have an assigned special program code.

UF students in state-funded programs cannot be in a self-supporting section. If a student needs to take a course that is offered as self-supporting, then a section must be created and the student enrolled in that section.