A business purpose is required to be documented for all transactions. All transactions are required to have a business purpose and meet the following requirements:

  • The use must be reasonable and benefit the university.
  • The use must fall within the funding entity's intent/color of money.
  • The use must comply with all applicable laws and regulations.

Personnel and Financial Services staff is the resource for all UF-related purchasing and payable processes which includes Procurement Services, pcard processes, and Finance and Accounting directives.

Teaching and Technology Fiscal Responsibility

Directors are accountable/responsible for their units’ financial stability which include monthly reconciliation (they may assign this functional task to someone in their area, but they MUST sign off the work is done). Each unit is provided a list of ‘accounts’ for which they are accountable. UFIT provides monthly financial reports; reports are run, reviewed for accuracy and reconciled with the subsystems (HR, Procurement, Accounts Payable, etc). The directors should spot-check in the systems to ensure the work is complete. This is also an opportunity to look into future needs and evaluate requests. All expenses must be requested and pre-approved by the manager/director and document uploaded as backup in the relevant expense.

Procedure to Pay Directives

Please reach out to Jennifer Douglas or Barbara Bennett for more guidance.

Support Dollar Units

Responsibility Center Management funds are routed to the Office of Teaching and Technology. A budget request process is performed each fiscal year. A review of current year business is reviewed ensuring the base budget sustains the next fiscal year operations. In that review, optimal requests are invited for support dollar increase for recurring or one-time support; reviewed by the Associate Provost for a Teaching and Technology formal Optimal Budget request to the UF Chief Financial Officer Budget Office.

Auxiliary Units

Directors are the fiscal accountable officers for which is managed and must operate within the parameters of the auxiliary business beyond the support unit funding received where applicable.

Expenditure policies