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Step-by-step guidance and resources for instructors and administrators.

Ensuring Academic Integrity

At UF, we are committed to upholding academic integrity. All faculty and students are held to the same standards and expectations in regard to academic integrity whether engaged in coursework on campus or online. Our mission is to ensure each degree earned is representative of this core value. With this mission in mind, we have extended our proctoring services to an online platform to provide flexibility to faculty and students.

Online proctoring services are tools to support faculty with ensuring academic integrity. Ultimately, it is the decision of faculty whether an academic integrity violation has occurred and warrants submission to the Dean of Students Office.

UF offers online proctoring services through its partnership with Honorlock. Online proctoring presents faculty with the ability to conduct, administer, and review online assessments from anywhere. This service allows both faculty and students the flexibility needed in today's growing online learning environment.

Utilizing online proctoring services is recommended for faculty delivering online exams. Faculty seeking to utilize this service are advised to discuss the details with their department to consolidate logistics and fees as the usage of online proctoring is not a free service.

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Student Privacy

UF is committed to ensuring that all student information is handled securely and privacy is protected. Please review Honorlock's Student Privacy Statement and recent blog post.

Proctoring Funding

Costs incurred for online proctoring are generally funded through a Distance Learning Fee, self-supporting and UF Online programs fund usage from their budgets. To determine whether your course is eligible for funding and usage of the online proctoring solution, please first consult your department chair. For more information about Distance Learning Fees, visit our Distance Learning Fees page.


While Honorlock is the primary online proctoring option, the university also contracts with Meazure Learning which has ProctorU.  It utilizes live proctors.  There is an increase in cost for using ProctorU. 

Please contact cnewsom@ufl.edu if you have questions or interest in using ProctorU.   

ProctorU Guide 

Honorlock Guide for Instructors

Honorlock Guide for Instructors

The Honorlock Guide offers step-by-step instructions for faculty using Honorlock to proctor online exams for their courses. You can download a PDF copy here: Honorlock Instructor Guide or view a web-based version of the guide. Use the links below to jump to a specific section.

Honorlock FAQ for Instructors


Getting Started

When should I use online proctoring?

Online proctoring is recommended for any single assessment equivalent to 15% or more of a student's final course grade (UF + Quality Matters Standard 3).

Which proctoring service should I use?

Honorlock is the University's designated online proctoring service used to deter and detect infringement upon academic integrity in online assessments within Canvas.

How are online proctoring services paid for?

Online proctoring is not a free service. Faculty teaching an online course that requires proctoring should consider how the service will be funded. Check with your program or department before requesting proctoring services to confirm how your course will fund online proctoring.

The following are key considerations in determining funding:

  • Is your course a UF Online course?
  • Is your course part of a Self-Supporting program?
  • Is your course set up to charge a Distance Learning Fee to cover proctoring?

Your program or department should know the answers to these questions. For those using ProctorU, keep in mind that ProctorU will not activate your exam to allow students to schedule until they know how the proctoring costs will be funded.

Using Honorlock

How does Honorlock work?

Honorlock utilizes the Google Chrome browser to record all activity on-screen during an assessment. It uses the computer webcam to record each student's face during the proctored exam.

How do I set up Honorlock in Canvas?

Please review the step-by-step Honorlock Instructor Guide (PDF) for instructions on how to use Honorlock for your course in Canvas. The Honorlock Instructor Guide will highlight the following:

  • Enabling Honorlock in Canvas
  • Enabling Honorlock for an Exam
  • Explanation of Honorlock Proctoring Options
  • Viewing Honorlock Proctoring Results
  • Helpful Resources

You can also watch a recorded training webinar conducted by ODL and Honorlock and the How to Use Honorlock Canvas Instructor Guide (1:47) which cover how to set up Honorlock proctoring for a quiz within Canvas.

Finally, review Honorlock's faculty guide explaining features and proctoring options: Honorlock - Explanation of Proctoring Options (PDF).

How do I view exam results?

Honorlock's guide Review Exam Results is the best place to start. You can also watch How to View Student Results in Canvas (Instructor Guide) (1:01) for a brief overview.

Our guide to Honorlock's A.I. flags can be read here: Honorlock - A.I. Flags and Proctor Alerts (PDF).

What are best practices for reviewing Honorlock proctored exam videos?

Make sure to review our guide to Honorlock's A.I. flags: Honorlock - A.I. Flags and Proctor Alerts (PDF).

When reviewing videos of proctored exams in Honorlock for academic misconduct, please note the following guidelines (courtesy of the UF College of Health and Human Performance):

Setup and Preparation

  • Have TAs assist and/or set up a schedule for Honorlock exam video review if you have a large enrollment course. For instance, you may decide to review certain subsets of students each exam to ensure all students are reviewed at some point in the term.
  • If you are able to coordinate with a TA, teaching partner, or another proctor to split reviews of the recordings, double-check each other’s work for potentially suspicious situations.
  • There may be a delay in viewing the video – per Honorlock, you may have to wait up to 24 hours post-exam.

Reviewing Flags and Suspicious Activity

  • Watch a few minutes before and after the flag (i.e. the question before and after the flagged questions) – this helps you look for patterns in behavior that could be cheating.
  • Listen for abnormal sounds (typing, mouse-clicking, etc.).
  • Closely review the room scan (e.g. it may not show desk or could expose a second monitor).
  • Keep track of timestamps for suspicious activity on a separate document (i.e. in a protected sheet shared between proctors; Dropbox is one such FERPA-compliant platform) for later reference.
  • Pay attention to eye movement – are the student's eyes moving to a location other than scrap paper?
  • Watch out for changes in screen brightness on the test-takers' faces, in their eyes, or glasses.

Important Notes and Additional Best Practices

  • Click through and review flags first, then review random spots throughout the recording to catch infractions Honorlock may have missed.
  • AI flagging is not 100% reliable. Remember that Honorlock is a tool to facilitate your role in ensuring academic integrity. Some flags may be inconsequential, whereas some suspicious activity may not be detected by the AI. We encourage faculty to review all or as many exams as possible regardless of the flagging category.
  • Note that the exam is automatically flagged as high/red when time runs out.
  • Pause the recording for a moment when the students hold up their scrap paper to make sure it is blank.
  • Refresh the browser after watching a few recordings, as Honorlock tends to glitch up/freeze after consecutive views.
What do I do if academic misconduct is suspected or detected?

It will be up to the instructor to determine whether academic dishonesty has occurred during an online proctored exam. Honorlock is a tool to assist you in making this determination. If academic dishonesty is suspected, please proceed according to the following information:

How to submit a report to the SCCR and what to expect (instructor "testimonials" and experiences):

Where can I find more help and resources? What resources can I share with my students?

Additional Honorlock instructor resources can be found below:

You may direct your students to UF's Online Proctoring Student Resources page or share the Honorlock resources below:

You may reach out directly to our office for further assistance by contacting the Office of Distance Learning's online proctoring team at proctoring-odl@ufl.edu.

Online Proctoring FAQs

How do I copy my course in Canvas?

Detailed instructions on how to copy your course in Canvas can be found by reviewing Honorlock - Course Copy (Canvas) - Faculty Guide

How can I enable Honorlock through a different exam platform?

Instructors may use Honorlock to proctor exams using any third-party platform including Pearson MyMathLab, McGraw-Hill Connect, and WebAssign. Read our guide Honorlock - Create a Third Party Exam (PDF) to learn more.

Will Honorlock protect my exam content?

Yes, through Honorlock’s Search and Destroy feature, Honorlock will scope the web for any unauthorized copies of your exam questions and will immediately submit a request for removal. Additional information about this feature can be found on this page under the Protect Your Proctored Online Exam Content section.

Is real-time reporting available?

Learn more about real-time reporting on Honorlock's online proctored exams here: https://honorlock.com/blog/definitive-guide-for-comparing-online-proctoring-services/ 

What resources can I provide to my students?

Follow the links below for useful information to share with students prior to the exam:

For students who require or request accommodations, please share and review the resources on the Disability Resource Center website.

How can I support my students who require accommodations in Honorlock?

When enabling Honorlock for your exam, you will have the opportunity to specify any accommodations certain students may require. Notes made in the Accommodations section will only be visible to Honorlock proctors and support staff. Students will not be able to see the accommodations set for them and if necessary, should be alerted of their accommodations via email or other forms of communication.

Please note that only accommodations that relate to proctoring or authentication (Student Photo, ID Verification, Room Scan) should be listed here. Accommodations concerning exam availability, time extensions, number of attempts, and extended due dates are all managed within the Canvas exam settings.

The Disability Resource Center provides further information, services, and support for you and your students. You can review Honorlock's Accommodations page in their Help Center for more details.

Is there a way to disable an exam?

For information on how to disable exams in Honorlock, review the Honorlock knowledgebase guide.

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