A program development account is used to support college initiatives for non-credit educational activities. These accounts are established when residuals from programs (e.g. conferences, symposiums, workshops, non-credit activity, etc.) are available after the event concludes and all expenses have been paid. This non-recurring residual is designated for use by the college or administrative unit sponsoring the program.

The funds may be used to enhance future non-credit educational activities or for general operating expenses as deemed appropriate by the dean or head of the sponsoring administrative unit. All expenditures will be subject to the university’s overhead assessment. It is the responsibility of the department to ensure sufficient funds are available to remit this fee.

Requests for expenditures must have the signature of the dean or designee. Only those signatures on the approved signature authority form can be accepted. Program development accounts have restrictions not associated with programmatic activities, particularly in regards to recurring payroll. Download the Program Development Account Application here.