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Category Name Purpose Audience View/Download
HR HR 600 Request approval of additional university employment Current Employees TNT-HR600 Form
Educational Auxiliary 143 Fund Alcoholic Beverage Memo Acknowledgment of alcohol purchase College/Departments Alcoholic Beverage Memo
Management Special Pay Increase Form   Current Employees Special Pay Increase Form
HR/Finance Speed Types Instruction Guide Create speed types for various chartfield strings used regularly All UF Employees Speed Types Instruction Guide
HR/Finance Allowable Unencumbered Expenditures Finance and Accounting directives All UF Employees Allowable Unencumbered Expenditures
HR/Finance Preferred Caterers Identify UF preferred caterers College/Departments Preferred Caterers
HR/Finance Account Code List Available account codes for financial entries College/Departments Account Code List
Off Campus Activity 148 Fund Off Campus Activity Budget Request Required each time offered College/Departments Off Campus Activity Budget Request 
Self Funded Programs (Credit) SFP Department Guidelines Overload payments for self-funded program offerings  College/Departments SFP Department Guidelines 
Self Funded Programs (Credit) SFP Approve to Pay Form   College/Departments SFP Approve to Pay Form 
HR/Finance Cash Expense Refund Form Deposit journal collections  All Users Cash Expense Refund Form 
Distance Learning Distance Learning Fees Guide Distance learning fees for on-book online courses  College/Departments Distance Learning Fees Guide 
Management TNT Budget Request Template   TNT Managers TNT Budget Request Template 
Staff  TNT Travel Approval Template   TNT Staff TNT Travel Approval Template 
Management TNT Remote Work Agreement   TNT Managers TNT Remote Work Agreement 
Management Reconciliation Form Guide for managers for monthly reconciliation TNT Managers Reconciliation Form 
General Program Development Account Application Dean, director account for programmatic residuals Campus/Departments Program Development Account Application 
Staff UF HR Remote Work Location Agreement Alternate work location policy TNT Staff UF HR Remote Work Location Agreement
Onboarding TEAMS Employee Onboarding Checklist TEAMS resource on what to do on the first day & few weeks at UF and benefits & retirement information  TNT Staff TEAMS Employee Onboarding Checklist
Onboarding OPS Employee Onboarding Checklist OPS resource on what to do on the first day & few weeks at UF and benefits & retirement information TNT Staff OPS Employee Onboarding Checklist
Onboarding Time Away and Paydays Resource of various types of leave and guides on entering time TNT Staff Time Away and Paydays
Onboarding Performance Appraisals Information on the Staff Performance Appraisals and Probationary Periods TNT Staff Performance Appraisals
Onboarding Transportation and Parking Learn where to park and how to navigate around UF  TNT Staff Transportation and Parking
Onboarding Employee Assistance Program EAP Support, Resources, and Information TNT Staff Employee Assistance Program
Onboarding Get to Know UF and the Gainesville Area UF and Gainesville resources at work and beyond TNT Staff Get to know UF and Gainesville Area
Onboarding Phone Guidance VOIP desk phone guide TNT Staff Phone Guidance
Onboarding Requesting Roles for Employees (DSA security) Process for requesting necessary security roles  TNT Staff Need Roles? (DSA security)
Onboarding Onboarding Training Checklist Required and suggested training classes to begin first 30 + days TNT Staff Onboarding Training Checklist
HR/Finance Employee Concerns and Reporting Procedures Process for reporting misconduct and filing complaints TNT Staff Employee Concerns and Reporting Procedures
HR/Finance Exit Instructions for Supervisors and Managers Steps for assisting staff when leaving TNT TNT Managers Exit Instructions for Supervisors and Managers
HR/Finance Exit Instructions for Employees Steps to take when leaving TNT TNT Staff Exit Instructions for Employees