Off-Campus Activity (Fund 148)

The Office of Teaching and Technology is responsible for the approval and oversight of the university's off-campus activities. The cost associated with managing for-credit course required field trips shall be administered utilizing a hybrid state-funded/self-funded mechanism that will not adversely impact fundable student credit hours (SCH).

Funding for off-campus educational activities that are part of a state-funded for-credit course shall be managed in accordance with UF Regulation 3.0376 (19).

Colleges wishing to offer courses of this type must comply with the following procedures:

  • Submit a request for approval to the Associate Provost for Teaching and Technology. Such requests require the information and signatures indicated in the attached Off Campus Activity Budget Request form. Please note that there is a requirement for a detailed budget which will be the control document for cost reimbursement.
  • The tuition will be the appropriate per credit hour charge for state-funded courses and the relevant fees. The program fee will be the total per student required to cover the costs of the off-campus activity.
  • The course tuition and fees as well as the program fee will be collected through the office of the university bursar. The program fee will be deposited into an auxiliary fund and will be given a unique three-digit alphanumeric special program code (SPC) which will be assigned to the course section by the departmental course scheduling staff.
  • Each department will have access to the fund to pay appropriate charges associated with the off-campus activity. All distributions requested for these purposes will be reviewed and approved by the Office of Teaching and Technology accounting staff. Any course with a program fee requirement must be elective. The estimated charge for the off-campus activity must be included in the course catalog.
  • Complete the form to request approval for a program fee for a domestic off-campus educational activity and submit it to the Office of Teaching and Technology (Attn: B. Bennett).