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Integrity is a core principle underpinning our academic community. Faculty and students have a responsibility to uphold the highest ethical standards of academic conduct.

Student Conduct Code

Proctoring with Honorlock

UF utilizes online proctoring services to protect the integrity of the testing process and the value of your degree. While instructors proctor exams in face-to-face courses, UF and your instructors use Honorlock to proctor exams in online courses. In both cases, proctoring protects and standardizes the exam process.

Honorlock is an online student authentication and proctoring service that utilizes a combination of monitoring technologies and artificial intelligence to proctor online assessments hosted in Canvas. Honorlock is fully browser-based, meaning you won't need to download bulky software to access the proctoring system. In order to access Honorlock, you will need to download the Honorlock extension.

Student Privacy

Protecting student data and privacy is a major priority of UF. For more information, please visit our Student Privacy page and review Honorlock's resources below:

Honor Code

We, the members of the University of Florida community, pledge to hold ourselves and our peers to the highest standards of honesty and integrity.

Honor Pledge

On all work submitted for credit by students at the University of Florida, the following pledge is either required or implied:

"On my honor, I have neither given nor received unauthorized aid in doing this assignment."

Honorlock Student FAQ

Getting Started

How do I install the Honorlock Chrome extension?

Prior to taking your exam, you will need to ensure that you have Google Chrome installed on your computer. Then, you will need to download the Honorlock Google Chrome extension.

What are Honorlock's system requirements?

Minimum Requirements:

  • Operating System
    • Windows 10
    • MacOSX 10.13 and higher
    • ChromeOS
  • Browser
    • Google Chrome (minimum version 84)
  • Internet
    • Speed: 1.5 Mbps download, 750 Kbps upload

To ensure that your computer meets the system requirements needed to launch Honorlock, you can run a one-click system check to test your operating system, internet speed, and version of Chrome. To run a system check of your computer in preparation of an upcoming exam please visit the following page: Scroll to the bottom of the page, where you will see the "Simple Single-Click Test" section with the "Run System Check" button.

Do I need to schedule an exam time with Honorlock?

Honorlock does not require pre-scheduling. You can take your exam at any time during the exam window established in Canvas by your instructor.

Taking an Exam

Do I need to show an ID? What else will I need prior to beginning my test?

You will be required to show a photo ID, such as your UFID card, passport, or driver's license.

Remember to present yourself professionally. You should dress appropriately as if you were taking an exam in a classroom. Keep in mind that your audio will be recorded as part of Honorlock's exam monitoring and may be reviewed by your instructor.

What are Honorlock's test area requirements? How should I prepare my testing environment?

You will need a quiet, private location to take your online proctored exam with Honorlock. There should not be anyone else in the room with you when you take your exam. Review the following guidelines to ensure your testing environment mimics the in-class testing environment:

  • Sit at a clean desk or table (not a bed or couch).
  • Room lighting must be bright enough to be considered daylight quality. Overhead lighting is preferred. The source of light should not be behind you.
  • Ensure your desk or table is cleared of all other materials, including unauthorized notes and electronic devices.
  • Make sure your laptop is fully charged or that the charger is within arm's reach.

Prior to the test, you will be required to conduct a room or testing area scan. When prompted to do so, be sure to do a complete 360-degree view of your room using your web camera. Make certain to show your workspace. Partial scans or failure to show your workspace may be flagged during the proctoring review.

Review the test area scan example video below or view on YouTube:

What if I do not have access to an appropriate testing environment?

If you do not have a quiet location or a suitable computer to take your exam, Library West provides proctoring booths. These booths are equipped with computers already set up for online proctored exams. To reserve one of these booths, visit:

What if I require accommodations for my Honorlock proctored online exam?

The Disability Resource Center has information, resources, and support for students who require learning environment accommodations. Make sure you communicate your need for accommodations to your instructor so they can make note of it during Honorlock exam configuration and/or adjust other exam settings.

Help and Resources

How can I get help from Honorlock?

The Honorlock support team is available 24/7 to assist you with any technical difficulties you may come across. If you need any support in using Honorlock, please visit the Support page and use the Live Chat Option. Live Chat is the quickest way to reach Honorlock Support. 24/7 Proctoring support services will also be available to you during your exam. You may also reach Honorlock’s support team at or by calling +1 (844) 243-2500.

Honorlock also provides a number of knowledgebase articles that address common questions and issues before, during, and after your Honorlock proctored exam:

Where can I find Honorlock's FAQs?

A list of frequently asked questions can be found below and on Honorlock’s website. The FAQ covers a number of areas including the following:

  • Where do I go to use Honorlock for my exam?
  • What forms of identification are acceptable for Honorlock?
  • Is Honorlock required for all online exams?
  • What will I need for Honorlock?
  • What information will Honorlock collect?
  • How can I receive technical help during an exam?
  • Am I allowed to take a restroom break during my exam?
  • Who will determine if cheating has occurred?
Does Honorlock provide a step-by-step guide?

For first-time users, an online proctoring system may be completely foreign. With the step-by-step student guides, we will teach you how to launch and use Honorlock with ease. The above guides and tutorials will demonstrate how to:

  • Download the Honorlock extension on Google Chrome
  • Launch Honorlock in Canvas
  • Capture a photo of yourself for identification verification
  • Provide acceptable forms of identification
  • Scan your proctoring area/space
  • Record your screen
  • Begin your exam